J. Shaw & Friends

(This page is dedicated to my black pugly pug Jackson, his friends and his shenanigans.)

Jackson “Jelly Bean” Shaw’s Bio:
Born in Idaho, Jackson was transplanted to Washington when he was 9 weeks old. He now lives outside of Seattle with his family including his bro Victor; a chiwawa-poodle-terrier mix. He spends his days sleeping, being bugged by Victor and chomping on his favorite fleece blanket. Being a mix of a black and faun pug his hair has started to turn white, adding to his character. He’s recently taken to drooling and digging small holes in the back yard.

Recently I was reading one of my new favorite blogs Desperately Seeking Mamma Biscuits, when I looked over and Jackson was staring at the screen. I could see his little world stopped – it was my mission to help him reach out to Mamma B.  Above is the letter we sent out… **fingers crossed she replies. If she doesn’t it will break his little pug heart.


2 Comments to “J. Shaw & Friends”

  1. WOW, Mamma Biscuit is thoroughly blushing from your romantic yet suave love letter that you left her on your blog. She is absolutely interested in carrying on a long distance courtship with Jackson only if he is “open-minded” enough to understand that Mamma may still stay on the market here in NYC LOL afterall, she’s in a big, bad city with so many opportunities for friends and lovers she wouldn’t want to be totally tied down LOL

    Jackson is absolutely adorable. I have never seen a black and fawn mix pug before and that white dusting of hair on his snout and chest is beyond cuteness!! I love him and his singles polaroids—with a head shot like his, he should be showcased all over Vogue mens magazine….errr I mean Dogue mens edition 😉

    Mamma Biscuit

  2. Hello Jackson! Thanks for stopping by our blog for the SMS GIve-away!

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