I prefer to paint things rather than people- things in multiple especially. Coming from a Consumer Products design background I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel to China quite often to see factories producing products. I’ve always found the emotional ties we have with “things” so fascinating. It was upon my first trip, standing on a factory floor amongst a sea of same things being carefully yet quickly made, that I realized we as consumers buy these items feeling a singular emotional connection to them. And I was no different. These mass produced memories all start somewhere and it’s very rare – in this day and age – to have a one-of-a-kind item. I realized then that knick knacks that I loved and could never part with, some one else probably had and loved it as much as I did but for different reasons; different memories. From that point on I decided to just take pictures of gift shop merchandise, I’d rather paint memories than let them gather dust.

My first trip to China – tassels – mixed media : acrylic and oil pastels
The first of my multiple paintings. Signed with a Chinese chop I purchased during the trip.

My trip to Paris – LADUREE Pasties – mixed media : acrylic and oil pastels
Photo shows work in progress.

Diner Mug with Rose – acrylic
I painted this as an experiment in paint control. When painting from photo reference I tend to get a bit stiff, striving for perfection. Here I just let the paint do what it wanted, including drip, in order to loosen up. Painted this from a live plant and prop which was difficult for me.

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