setting up shop

This past weekend I went on a road trip to my local TAP Plastic store and got all stocked up on materials for casting. This is completely new to me but I’m going to be a pro in a matter of days. HA! Well I’ve at least watched enough YouTube videos to feel confident enough to give it a go. My mind is constantly churning with different characters I’d like to interpret into different mediums. My plans for my first casting will be some notions for a little plush character I’ve designed. Sewing plush is not unfamiliar to me, I’ve created quite a few pieces both personally and professionally. I’ve chosen to make a latex mold, with a plaster of paris mother mold. Based on the guidance of the TAP employee, I’ll be using a fast curing polyurethane for the finished pieces. Last night I tried my first round of sculpting for the casting but got quickly discouraged… I blame a week long headache. It’s been hard for me as of late to get motivated due to this headache. HOWEVER I will persevere… I plan to create my first mold this weekend!! Exciting stuff!

Photo: VonFrau – she’s super talented… I stole it… don’t tell…

This is a siamese bear I created for my Lynn (aka VonFrau) from a pattern I created.

Some peoples that inspire me to create as of late:
Felt Mistress
A Little Stranger 


3 Comments to “setting up shop”

  1. Good luck!
    I’m in the bay area, and love TAP.
    Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing. Some of the products do have a shelf life, so better to do some throw away experiments than wait too long (like 6 months) and have the stuff not set properly.

    Also love your blog layout, really nice design. Mine’s pretty ghetto 🙂

    • Hey valleydweller! Thanks a lot for the shelf life tip! Could have made some major rookie mistakes – had no idea!

      Thank you for the kind blog comment. ^_^ I really look forward to checking out your blog more in depth tomorrow. Trying to read it on my phone didn’t do it justice and you have some great work on there!! I’ll be adding it to my morning blog reading list for sure.

  2. I love my siamese bear, I’m never giving it up!

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