in progress : “flower fro” sculpt

The name is in progress as well. Naming is my least favorite task when I create characters or sculptures, UGH! When creating my first Spoonflower fabric I played with organic shapes – that I tend on doodling while I’m on the phone – being inspired by spring and the theme of “sprouting”. I purchased a couple of swatches and when they came I was so inspired by them I decided to bring to life one of my sketches in the medium of polymer clay. This whole sculpting and painting process has been an experiment, I don’t know my head from a hole in the ground but I’m having fun learning. Halfway through I had to alter my original plan due to the weight of the clay. My colors of the moment are coral and teal, I just can’t get enough of the combination so I went with it and created a gradient color scheme for (insert name here). I’m finalizing that last details and should have the final sculpture up on my “characters” page by the end of the week.

Sneak peak shot.

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