artist process : BUFF MONSTER

I am always inspired by other artist’s processes and workspaces. Recently Daily Dujour (click the link to see more photos) featured BUFF MONSTER where they visited his studio, giving insight to his artistic methods and sneak peeks behind his first solo London show : ‘The Reign of Pink’ which opens on April 29th at Stolenspace. When approaching his craft he is quite meticulous, thinking steps ahead of each layer he expertly paints or screen prints. It was his use of masking that was interesting. This is a stark contrast to how I approach my paintings. I do not work layer by layer with the painting as a whole. I finish sections, working the canvas landscape from front to back. I’m tempted to experiment with Buff Monster’s method of masking, seeing if it would help or hinder my current way of creating. Regardless, I’m a huge fan and it was exciting to peer behind the curtain to see the “deconstruction of the artist’s visual language”.

What else I admire about Buff Monster is his ability to take his style into various mediums and collaborations seamlessly. A must have for my collection is his Ice Cream Inflatable. A couple years (I can’t believe how long ago it’s been!) ago I traveled to Japan with my bestie VonFrau and fell in love with the oversized ice cream displays / lights that were everywhere we turned. I threatened to steal one but VF reminded me that it would be difficult to get into the overhead compartment of the plane when we headed back. Sad pants.

This is one of the many times that I wished I lived in London. Between Buff Monster’s first show and the opening of Johnny Cupcakes on Carnaby street I’m just a bit bummed about my current location!


One Comment to “artist process : BUFF MONSTER”

  1. anytime you wanna go back i’m in! i still want to go back to Kyoto and get these little things!

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